Starting a new career is a big step for everyone and requires patience, consideration and information. We encourage you to explore all of the information on this website, but we have answered a few of the questions we frequently receive for your convenience.

01GeneralFrequently Asked Questions

What exactly does SoftRock do?

SoftRock is essentially a software utilization and development company. What this means is that other businesses come to us when they need help in client acquisition, engagement and support; and we design and implement software to streamline this process. This includes ongoing support for all of our advertising partners. Advertising partners of SoftRock realize the value we provide and rarely leave the partnership.

What kinds of extracurricular activities are available to SoftRockers?

At SoftRock we work hard and play hard. While football has been our activity of choice in the past, we are in adding new extracurricular activities to the list.

  • Flag Football
  • Softball (Spring)
  • Video Game Tournament

Will SoftRock give me a chance to get involved in the community?

The answer is a resounding yes! More than anything we are built around a culture of people who care, and we have been very involved in helping people in need in our community.

SoftRock has recently created SoftHeart, a nonprofit created to help those who are unemployed find jobs. Each department at SoftRock has a representative on the board of the foundation who is responsible for keeping their department up to date on SoftHeart events and activities. Every SoftRocker is encouraged to participate as much as they can in our worthwhile projects. In addition, SoftRock has an Outreach Committee, a group formed by employees to take on monthly projects that give back to those in need in our community.

Does SoftRock provide training or career assistance?

You may be eligible to attend educational seminars, industry conferences, and participate in external and internal training programs. Participation in these programs may be approved based on the following:

  • Performance of SoftRocker.
  • Position requirements.
  • Training program curriculum.
  • Training program schedule.

02Career and Applicant Related Questions

Will I Hear Crickets after I apply?

The most common complaint of job seekers is not hearing back from companies after they apply for a job.

Two buzzwords at SoftRock are Transparency & Communication. We make two commitments to each applicant for any SoftRock position. You will hear back from us, even if we can't hire you. Unfortunately we cannot hire everyone who applies, but we will communicate with you. Also, you will always be treated with the utmost courtesy and respect.

What should I expect in my first day at SoftRock?

Well, a lot of the normal stuff like HR paperwork, employee manuals, handbooks, etc. are part of your first day at SoftRock, but there are other things that will be more fun:

  • You will be assigned a coworker to introduce you to SoftRock and your new team.
  • You will begin training for your new position with smart and innovative managers (it is not bragging if it is 100% true).
  • Most of all, you will be constantly surprised by how friendly all your new co-workers are!

What should I expect in my last day at SoftRock?


It may sound strange to start talking about an employee's last day before their first, but at SoftRock we are committed to the personal and professional goals of our employees. In many instances, successful employees have left for new opportunities with other companies or to start their own businesses

While we value our employees and do our best to keep them, in some cases we recognize that they may want to try new endeavors. In those cases we respect their wishes and are grateful for the time and talent they lent to SoftRock.

Former employees have been at the heart of SoftRock's success in many ways. Many have come back after exploring other opportunities; some have become customers or vendors of SoftRock; and in several cases, SoftRock purchased a business started by a former employee. SoftRock has also acquired numerous clients and employees referred to us by former SoftRockers.