SoftRock is a technology company that creates software that rocks! It is SoftRock's unique blend of the right team and the right attitude that makes us distinctive.

01what is softrock?

SoftRock Inc. is a company that combines the traditional model of business development with technology to enhance customer acquisition, engagement and support.

Media presence, advertising and marketing are essential components of any company's business plan, but this often neglects the meaningful personal relationships that encourage customer retention and company growth. In order to resolve this dilemma, SoftRock utilizes technology to establish personal relationships rather than replace them.

Client Support

When SoftRock partners with a company, we work with them, not for them. We learn a company's specific needs, and the needs of their clients, in order to develop a marketing and advertising plan that will deliver engaged and happy customers.

SoftRock Rockstars

SoftRock approaches every campaign with a well-defined plan. We develop software for websites, mobile applications and social media applications to optimize them to meet a partner's specific needs. Once the software is in place, we work to drive traffic to the various websites through aggressive media and advertising campaigns that focus on viral growth.

But what ultimately sets SoftRock apart, is combining these elements and personalizing them for our partners' clients. By having trained and experienced specialists work with our partners' potential clients, we are able to ensure that our partners receive informed, engaged and serious prospects.


Our three primary partner and client support divisions are:

Information Technology and Design

Simply put, we develop cool, fresh and innovative products that include websites, social media applications, mobile applications, and other online applications. To create these applications we have a dynamic team of creative thinkers, copywriters, designers, software engineers and web developers.

Media and Advertising

The Media and Advertising team's goal is to find users who will benefit from our products. M&A accomplishes this by driving traffic to our applications through partnerships with other media companies such as Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, AOL and dozens more.

Generating and evaluating the traffic is accomplished by our team of media buyers, copywriters and media analysts who are all backed by our media quality assurance team.

User Support and Customer Acquisition

The User Support and Customer Acquisition team welcomes new users to our products, provides support to existing users, and introduces new products and services to our users. Our team of verification representatives, product advisors and customer support specialists work to ensure that each user's experience is maximized.