When it comes to Orlando employment, SoftRock is proud to be an excellent source for motivated individuals interested in enjoying an employee-centric internal company culture.

01softrock culture

An Office for Innovation

At SoftRock we do everything we can to create a work environment conducive to innovation and service. Our casual dress, open lines of communication and fun personalities make this an office that exudes extraordinary. All we ask is that our employees are respectful to one another. With such a diverse group, respect is essential in maintaining our cohesiveness.

We understand that people perform at their highest level when they are comfortable and have the supplies they need. That is why we keep our refrigerator stocked, our offices and equipment in top condition and even have a game room for that down time we all need to blow off steam.

SoftRock Activities

As much as we enjoy the opportunities to return the blessings we have received, we also like to organize fun activities of our own. One of the many great aspects of having such a diverse staff is that there is a seemingly never-ending list of extracurricular activities to enjoy. These activities create an excellent opportunity for our employees to get to know one another outside of their respective departments, and to further solidify our team mentality.

Our Sports

Our activity of choice to date has been flag football, but many more are on the horizon. Our football team, naturally quarterbacked by our CEO, has been a great success. Even our employees who do not enjoy playing the sport often attend games to cheer the team on and participate in our success. Going forward employees can look forward to some of these exciting activities:

  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Video game contests
  • And, most importantly, we encourage our employees to organize activities they would like to see represented! We will provide the venue and support if the interest is there!

02career development

While we wish every SoftRocker would stay with us for the duration of his or her career, we understand that is not necessarily realistic. We do not just encourage individual growth while at SoftRock, we expect it.

All employees have the opportunity to learn multiple aspects of the business to enhance their contributions and personal skillset.


After a person has been with us for a year, he or she becomes eligible to attend educational seminars, industry conferences and other applicable learning events at the company's expense. Participation in these programs may be approved based upon:

  • Work performance
  • Position requirements
  • Training program curriculum
  • Training program schedule

Growth Opportunities

When our employees recognize an opportunity for growth we want them to express it. We hold inter-office trainings on things like communication, writing and image presentation when the need arises. As we said before, a position at SoftRock is not just a job; it's an opportunity to grow your career.

Be a Part of Our Team

For those individuals who produce exceptional work and strive to stand out, there is always the potential for internal growth. We will always recognize and compensate those who demonstrate commitment and exceptional contribution. If you are looking for a place to grow your career or achieve upward mobility, SoftRock should be the first place you search. Click here to view our current jobs.